By it’s nature skateboarding is an exciting but risky activity, with the possibility of accident and physical injury. No matter how careful the participants and organisers are, no matter what safety equipment is worn, no matter what ramp, installations, street course or flooring is being ridden or utilised for the particular activity, the risks cannot be eliminated.

This being the case, we draw your attention to the following. Which shall apply to the fullest extent permitted by the law.

1. The organizers, associated event organizers (the co-organizers) and sponsors accept no responsibility for any damage, loss or injury of any kind, howsoever caused to, or suffered by, any person participating, and of the installations or flooring (the facilities).

2. All users of and visitors to the facilities expressly acknowledge and accept the risks and hereby release the organizers, the co-organizers and sponsors from any and all liabilities arising thereto, save for those liabilities that cannot be excluded or restricted under compulsory requirements of the law.

3. All such users and visitors to the facilities do so entirely at their own risk and hereby agree to indemnify the organizers, associated organizers or sponsors from and against any and all liabilities incurred by the organizers, associated organizers or sponsors or claims made against any of them, for damage, loss, or injury the third parties, which are attributable to any act of such users or visitors, provided, and to the extent that, such is not caused by or attributable to the organizer’s, co-organizer’s or sponsor’s negligence.

4. All users of the facilities shall be entirely responsible for the gear they have given by the organisers, co-organisers and sponsors. If the user uses their own safety equipment the organisers, co-organizers and sponsors accept no responsibility should it fail or result in an accident.

All users of the facilities must wear a safety helmet that complies with health and Safety standards.

The organizers, co-organizers or sponsors are permitted to use any photo or film footage of any riders/feature/area of the events for promotional use.

All users and visitors to the facilities will be asked to sign this form.

By signing this form, the signatory expressly agrees and declares that he/she has voluntarily accepted all the matters, including all the risks, responsibilities and obligations, to which it refers.

By signing this form the signatory is aware that the form is valid for 1 Year (365 days) and covers the participant on all mylittleboarders skateboarding clubs.