Tues 3 April / Wed 4 April / Thurs 5 April / Fri 6 April

Mon 9 April / Tues 10 April - NOW FULLY BOOKED / Wed 11 April / Thurs 12 April / Fri 13 April

(am Royal Oak / pm Westminster Academy)



Tues 3 April / Wed 4 April / Thurs 5 April / Fri 6 April

Mon 9 April / Tues 10 April - NOW FULLY BOOKED / Wed 11 April / Thurs 12 April / Fri 13 April

(am Royal Oak / pm Westminster Academy)

Skateboarding has become recognised as one of the most diverse and skillful activities in the world and now we are bringing it to West London!

With our highly trained teachers, your child will learn one of the most upcoming, cultural sports whilst enhancing their social confidence, basic skills such as balance, simple skateboarding techniques and participating in a fun and unique exercise.

It is especially good if your child has skied or is looking to ski as a lot of the techniques such as leg weight distribution and arm positioning are the same.

If your child is aged between 6-14 years, we invite them to take on the challenge, and learn at their own pace at this rewarding sport.

  • 6 - 13 years
  • Full day club 10am - 3pm: £55
  • Half day club 10am - 12pm or 1pm - 3pm: £35
  • FREE pick up / drop off facilities using public transport: Chiswick / Shepherd’s Bush / Ealing / Richmond (9am - 4.30pm)
  • 2 venues: Royal Oak Skatepark (am), private space at Westway Sport Centre (pm) / OR Westminster Academy (Westbourne Green Sports Complex) (pm). 
  • Flexible booking (choose as many sessions as you like)
  • All equipment provided including skateboard, elbow, knee and wrist pads, helmet

* This will be specified on the day you would you like to bookd skateboard




“Really well organised, loads of fun..... one of the best days he’s had. He especially liked learning to go down one of the big shutes.”

“My 6 year old had an absolute ball and is waiting to attend again.”

“Skateboarding was great - well organised, good value for money. kids loved it.”

“Very happy with entire service.”

“George had an amazing time at Skateboarding club. He loved it! and will definitely be coming back. thank you so much. very well organised! and one very happy boy”


What is the skateboarding club?
Our skateboarding club is a new holiday club for children aged 6-14 years old and living in and around London.

With our highly trained tutors in a funky, cultural venue we aim to teach kids the basics of skateboarding, whilst allowing them to make new friends, learn skilful tricks, and maintain an interest in a type of exercise that is fun to do.

What if I’m a beginner?
Then this is the club for you! Our tutors tailor the programme to the ability levels of the children involved and to the rate at which they progress. It means both skilled and beginners can benefit and develop at their own rate without keeping up with any schedule. Furthermore the skate park is undercover keeping all the ramps dry and safe for the novice skateboarders to skate on.

How is the skateboarding club structured?
The first thing we do is ensure that all children gather and put on their equipment needed for the day.

They are put into groups and allocated a tutor based on the child’s ability. It is then serious fun for the whole day. The tutors will show the children how to get on and off the board, half pipe and roll stop as well as other cool tricks! There is also plenty of opportunity to make new friends as we encourage our children to ride freely with other skaters.

If your children want to experience trying out different ramps or learning a selection of tricks, then we recommend booking for a few days rather than just the one day.

What do the children need to bring with them?

  • Children can bring their own skateboard, helmets and knee, wrist and elbow pads however they are given out to each child if they do not have equipment of their own. We do recommend to bring your own helmet for maximum comfort.
  • Suitable clothing - T-shirts, lose fitting jeans and baggy jumper are usually the best
  • Coat or warm clothing for outdoor skating
  • Comfortable trainers
  • Spending money (optional) as there is a drinks and snack machine
  • Packed lunch as there is no restaurant in the facilities.
  • Water or high energy drinks as skateboard is quite thirst quenching. Mobile or camera if they want to photograph or film their friends

Where is the skateboarding club located?


We prefer to go to Royal Oak skatepark in the morning as it is quiet at this time and also under cover. It also gives the children a modern concrete skate park to experience the ramps.

Royal Oak Skate Park (10 am-12pm)
next to the Westbourne Green Sports Complex Torquay Street W2 5EJ



In the afternoon we have a hired private space at either Westway Sport Centre or Westminster Academy (Westbourne Green Sports Complex) which is next to Royal Oak Skate park where we bring our own professional ramps. It also gives the children a street skate experience in which to explore flat skateboarding and different tricks to impress even the most experience skateboarder.

Westway Sport Centre (1pm-3pm)
1 Crowthorne Road
London W10 6RP


Westminster Academy (Westbourne Green Sports Complex)
Torquay Street
Royal Oak
W2 5EJ



What are the arrangements for travel?
We run a free pick up and drop off service to and from Chiswick, Ealing, Richmond and Shepherd’s Bush, using PUBLIC TRANSPORT, which is included in the price. Our member of staff is with them throughout the day and brings them back. The meeting place is at St Michaels All Saints Church in Chiswick; Ealing Broadway station in Ealing; Richmond Station in Richmond and Goldhawk Road station in Shepherd’s Bush.

Goldhawk Road Tube Station (drop 9.30am, pick up 3.30pm) - map
57 Goldhawk Road, Shepherds Bush, W12 8EG

St Michael and All Angels Church (drop 9am, pick up 4pm) - map
Bath Road, W4 1TT

PARKING: There is metered parking (cash) on Woodstock Road / Priory Avenue. However parents have the facility to park their car there for a short time as it is on yellow lines.

Richmond Station (drop 8.40am, pick up 4.30pm) - map
Kew Road, Richmond on Thames, TW9 2AZ

PARKING: There is a station car park next door to the station.

Ealing Broadway Station (drop 8.40am, pick up 4.30pm) - map
New Ealing Broadway, Ealing, W5 2NU

Please note we can arrange a separate pick up if you do not live in the area but this is down to the discretion of the Manager

Can we contact children once they are in their club?
Absolutely! Our member of our staff has a mobile to hand. Otherwise if the children have a mobile phone they can check it during their breaks and lunch time.

Are all tutors trained and DBS checked?
Yes all tutors are trained to teach skateboarding, there will be first aid trained staff on site, and all members of staff are DBS checked. As part of our training, all staff have completed a Safeguarding Course.We take the welfare of your child very seriously therefore no child will be allowed to leave the site unsupervised.

How much does the Skateboarding club cost?
FULL DAY - £55*
HALF DAY - £35**

*This price includes a member of our staff taking the children to the club, staying with them for the day and bringing them back.

 *5% discount is applied if the child is part of a booking containing 3 or more children or attends 3 or more clubs.

**We are unable to offer pick up or drop off with half days

What times are the skateboarding club?
The Skateboarding Club runs from 10am – 3pm. Those who choose the pick up and drop off service, the times are 9.30am – 3.30pm from Shepherd’s Bush; 9am – 4pm from Chiswick; 8.40am – 4.00pm from Richmond or 8.40am – 4.00pm from Ealing

How do I book?
We have an online booking form.
Here you can fill out all your child’s details including any special requirements they may have.

Can my child bring their own mobile, iPod, MP3 or portable games console?
Due to security and potential damage that can be caused during skating we would urge children to be extra vigilant with their belongings. If they are brought along we waive any responsibility if your child’s valuable items are damaged, lost or stolen. We would also ask that they are turned to silent or turned off so as not to distract your child or others whilst they are in skating.