We have a specialist skateboarding programme that we can bring to your child’s school as part of your school’s Afterschool Curriculum. If you think your school might be interested, drop us an email and we will be very happy to go and present our Afterschool Skateboarding Club to them.



“Santi had a great time on the course. He definitely learn load of things in class and also have great fun.”

“Sam was brilliant, he's a natural with kids :-)”


What is the Afterschool skateboarders club?
Our Afterschool skateboarding club is an 11 week programme that taught in your child’s school (either in the school playground of hall). With our highly trained tutors and portable ramps we aim to teach kids the basics of skateboarding, learning techniques close to a skate park environment.

Do the children need to bring their own equipment?
Not if they haven’t got it as we provide all equipment – skateboard; helmet and pads (wrist, elbow and knee)."

How safe is the club?
Safety is our number one concern which is why all children wear all protective gear (helmet, wrist, knee and elbow pads) which complies with Health and Safety standards. We provide the school with a pack containing all the important documents.

How big is each group?
We take a maximum of 20 children p/group and we recommend that club starts from Year 2 – Year 6.